Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Beyond Words

Have you ever received a piece of news, perhaps from a close friend or family member that so strikes you that you are literally left speechless? At such a time, you may have even heard yourself uttering this familiar phrase,  “I have no words”.
The news can be either extremely joyful, sorrowful or just plain shocking,  but responses to some experiences in life simply seem to transcend verbal communication.
When I think about all that the Lord has done in my life I am left with this feeling.
I often resort to using the word amazing. He is so amazing. But that truly pales in comparison as a description of just Who He truly is and as a term worthy to describe Him.
You see, .....Jesus saved me.
What can you say to Someone who rescued you from a cesspool of sin? 
Jesus set me free.
What do you say to the One whose power changed the course of your life by releasing you from the chains of self destruction? 
Jesus has filled my life with a treasury of grace.
How do I thank Him for the wonderful family, and friends He has allowed me to walk with through the ups and downs of life? Whose care and love and quirks and craziness make the flavor of living just so sweet.
Jesus will never leave me.
How do I express my gratitude for a Faithful friend whose hand catches me when I  fall, gently guides my steps in HIs good path, and wipes away ever tear? A Mighty Saviour who lifts me up when I am weak and encourages my heart with His promise to work all things together for good in my life.
Jesus has prepared a place for me.
What words can you use to convey the joy that heaven is a reality? That one day I will forever live in a place with no more tears, no more death, no more sorrow and no more crying. Where all who have called on His name will live together in perfection. And when I will finally get to see this One who loves me so, face to face.
No words.
I was talking with a friend about this today. She said she wishes she had her own word like, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious to describe her wonderment at His power, His love and His gift of new life. Agreed!
I think the Apostle Paul must have shared these same feelings when he was allowed a glimpse of heaven as he speaks of hearing things that were inexpressible and impossible for a human to even speak of, there in 2 Cor 12:4.
So, what do we do in response to His goodness in our lives?
The psalmist asks this question in Psalm 116:12 saying, 
“What shall I render to the LORD for all His benefits toward me?”
 He answers in the next verse by stating:
“I will take up the cup of salvation, and call upon the name of the LORD.”
What could we possibly give to God that HE doesn't already have?
I mean, He made everything!
I think after the psalmist came to that conclusion, he declared that all he could do...and maybe more importantly all God really wanted him to do, was to continue to receive all that He had given him in Christ Jesus. To drink deeply from the cup of salvation.
A great price was paid for that wellspring of life. It would be a dishonor to not humbly partake of what He has afforded us, each and every single day.
And of all God’s benefits towards us, a relationship with Him outshines them all. 
The inexpressible privilege of calling on His name. 
Thank You, Jesus.
In response to that, this is one thing I can say.....Truly, my cup runneth over.
Here is the song that came to mind.:-)
“When I Think About the Lord” by Shane and Shane
Listen and I think you’ll agree.
Here’s the lyrics:
When I Think About the Lord,
How He Saved Me, How He Raised Me,
How He Filled Me, With the Holy Ghost.
How He Healed Me, to the Uttermost.

When I Think About the Lord,
How He Picked Me Up and Turned Me Around,
How He Placed My Feet On Solid Ground

It Makes Me Wanna Shout,
Thank You Jesus,
Lord, Your Worthy, of All the Glory, and All the Honor,
And All the Praise..


  1. I think "no words" is the evidence of true worship! Glad things are going well! Love, Cathy T.

  2. Yes, I do. Speechless is a state I am very familiar with more and more these days. How can I possibly find the words to thank Him? All I can do is say 'thank you', and that's not big enough for everything He has done and for the incredible blessing of a beautiful family who loves and is loved so deep.

    Thank you too my Sweet Lisa.


  3. Who is this King of glory? The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle. - Psalm 24:8


    This is the song on my heart this morning! Love and Blessings,

  4. Thanks Lisa. I'm glad the Lord gave you the words today to encourage the reader to consider His mighty works in our lives and drink all He has to offer. I know I needed 'this word.' today!


  5. Speechless is a great response to God's Wonderful gifts, otherwise we would pollute it with worldly wise rhetoric. Thanks for giving us this to think about this week. I continue to lift you up before Our Lord often, Praising Him for all He has done and continues to do in your life. You are a great blessing to many. Love, JoAnn