Tuesday, December 18, 2012

See You Later!

"See You Later!" One of the last expressions my mom, Lisa Furrow, said to me and my little girl.

Yes, Mom. See you later.

Less than 4 days have whooshed past on this earth since Lisa entered eternity. At 8:50am on Saturday morning, she took her last painful breath ever. Then, she was in the Presence of the Person who IS her Passion. Jesus.

Here is where Lisa posted 61 blogs since she heard of her diagnosis with stage 4 lung cancer. She fought hard and during that year and a half, she wrote her heart out. I pray that you are touched, encouraged and strengthened as you read her passionate work, her words which cry out to you, reader, the truth of eternity.

Seek His Face. She would exhort us all to seek His face. To walk by faith and not by sight. Now, she is in the presence of His face.

Check in here as we post updates to her life's passion, bringing GLORY to GOD! In lieu of flowers, donations have and are still being made to Practical Christian Living Foundation. Her vision for this ministry was to provide needs as Jesus commanded in Matthew 25:34-40  -->

34 Then the King will say to those on His right hand, ‘Come, you blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world: 35 for I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in; 36 I was naked and you clothed Me; I was sick and you visited Me; I was in prison and you came to Me.’

37 “Then the righteous will answer Him, saying, ‘Lord, when did we see You hungry and feed You, or thirsty and give You drink? 38 When did we see You a stranger and take You in, or naked and clothe You? 39 Or when did we see You sick, or in prison, and come to You?’ 40 And the King will answer and say to them, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.’

Those on His right hand, those who love Him and seek to glorify His name are to minister food to the hungry, water to the thirsty, homes to the homeless, clothing for the poor, visits to the sick, and visiting and (perhaps even delivering...in a spiritual sense) those in prison.

Lisa's last project was to give 60 boxes to young children in the Cancer Center who are undergoing treatment. She stated in her last blog that seeking our own comfort is a sickbed of its own. Amen Mama! :-)

So, let's not seek our own comfort and sit in its sickbed. Let's glorify and serve God by ministering to the poor, sick, needy, imprisoned around us.

I will be the first to admit that as I stand here in my kitchen and type away, I have a nagging ache to sit alone and hide from the world. Behind that nagging ache, however, is a fire in my belly to see Jesus and know Him. How do I do this? By talking to Him, crying out to Him, reading His precious Word, and ministering to those around me. I hear him saying, Get up! Even though my mom's race on this earth is done, I am still runnin' and, in the aspirations of my 4 year old daughter, when asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up, Emma?" Her reply, "I want to be a really fast runner and a really high jumper!"

So we've got to run fast and jump high! Eh?

Lisa, my mom, always loved your input and ideas. So if you are sparked by her life and her courage to comfort others in need, to seek a world outside her own and impact others for Christ, then share how you would like to do that, even today or this week. For me...I might like to visit a nursing home later this week. Now that I've written it, I must do it! Haha!

And finally, maybe, share how Lisa encourages you today to keep your EYEZ on the SKYZ:-)

See you later.

Waiting for Jesus,
Jess Parsons

P.S. I will be posting my thoughts and memories on my blog "This Musing Mama." God bless you all!


  1. Hello Jess Parsons, I was just checking back...don't know why but glad I did...your mother encouraged me a lot...we have never met but I watch Pastor Furrow at 8:30 am on channel 9 Sundays...sorrow seems to surround me with so many passing and in our church {TCC aka the cool church} a 2 yr old is going thru surgery and chemo for brain cancer ...Thank you for posting..=]..your whole family has been in my prayers.

  2. I am so sorry to hear of Lisa's passing. I attended Calvary for a few years and admired her passion for the Word and her teachings at the women's studies and conferences. I didn't know your mother personally, but she was the kind of woman, Christian, and Bible teacher I hope I can emulate some day. My mother was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer about a year and a half before Lisa got her diagnosis, and I have been praying for her since she announced it. I rejoice with her that she has entered into the presence of Jesus and is whole, but will be praying for you, your father, and the rest of your family as you grieve the loss of her presence.

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  4. Lisa encourages me today to be strong for God will get us through everything that comes our way. Thank you so much for posting!

  5. I never met your mom, but I have tried to keep up with her blogs since her diagnosis. I loved her attitude...it reminded me of my grandmother's last year when she was dying of brain cancer. Although my Nana (as we called her) never could articulate quite as well as your mom, she had a renewed strength and faith in God that I hadn't seen in her EVER until her diagnosis...and a lot of the words your mom shared in her last few months reminded me of the way my Nana LOOKED in her last few months. I don't know if that makes any sense...but I just wanted to share that I had never in my life seen someone leave this life here on Earth and enter the Kingdom of Heaven the way my Nana did...until I started reading your mom's blogs. I think she said everything my Nana didn't. Yet, their attitudes, grace, peace, and love shown through all the same. Nana didn't have the peace of Jesus that your mom had until Christmas of 2010. After she did, she was soon diagnosed...and would tell us during her daily struggle that she was "ready"... Thank you for sharing your mom with us!

    Yvette Dolan

  6. Jess,
    My prayers are with you all. I will pray each day as I put on my Warrior princess bracelet and go out into the world. My heart has been touched to do something, to get out of my comfort zone and impact the world around me. I am not sure where He is leading me but today I was strong and courageous and took the first step. Thank you for posting this. I know you will continue in your mama's footsteps! God Bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you and give you all peace....Peace that only He can give. Love and Hugs, Tina Smith

  7. Jess I clicked on your moms blog today thinking I would reread her last one. I also never had the honor of meeting your mom in this life. I was so touched at the memorial service and cried for all of you, because of who she was and what a legacy she has left .I can't wait to meet her in heaven. What a great testament you gave and what great strength you showed, so I'm assuming you must be a lot like the remarkable woman that I got to know through your eyes and the slides yesterday. My husband and I are pretty new to Calvary but it is our home now. We love your dad and we are praying for comfort for all of you. Hugs. Lynn and Paul Krofcheck. West Campus

  8. Hi Jess:
    I’m one of the Calvary body that never met your mom but have followed her journey on her blog and did get to see her at the last women’s conference.

    I too put on my Princess Warrior bracelet yesterday and attended the memorial service. I was struck by how transparent you and your dad were willing to be with the many people in the sanctuary and I truly felt I belonged to a family that was grieving, but grieving in a good way: one of Hope.

    On my way home I thought about some of Lisa’s many accomplishments and passions you all shared and thought of my own goals. Even with the passions I follow for our Lord now, I realize I’m being lazy and need to amp it up. As you’ve alluded to, we’re not here to R and R. We so easily forget that God created us to glorify Him not to have a good life (whatever that seems to be in our world).

    So, indeed Lisa has encouraged me to reexamine where I’m spending my time and energy. I’ve got the Lisa Card (you gave out at the service) in my car and it’ll be a reminder to me to move forward!!

    I’ll continue to follow your blog and whatever part of your journey you are willing to share with us. We continue to keep you all in our prayers.

    A Sister in Christ
    Yvonne G

  9. Jess,

    I remember your mom comforting me many years ago when I lost my mom! She was always teaching me to, as you pointed out, keep my eyez on the skyz. I was much younger then, but she encouraged me to be a Timothy and not ashamed of my youth; not to be shy and to share my heart for Jesus. She taught me to be a leader by being one who goes first. I learned by watching her go first. She always lead by going, not pointing, the way.

    I moved away from Tucson 12 years ago, but the love your mom shared with me, along with so many other ladies, gave me strength to "soar on wings like eagles....run and not grow weary....walk and not be faint." She taught me to use my sword, the word, to battle and to grow closer to Jesus through His words.

    Today I am working my way to permenant mission work. I trust His ways and am again reminded by your mom's words through your words to continue to give to those in need. To give voice to those who have no voice for the very same reason. Jesus commands us to! We do this for Jesus as we do for others.

    I know how it is to grieve for the loss of the mother you are close to. I did and still do. But, be reminded that she carries on in you!

    Many prayers and thoughts to you and the entire family.

    Kerri (Coppock) Fry

  10. Well, Jess, this is the time of night your Mother and I would communicate by email. I am a very recent friend, in the last 18 months your Mother and I met and made a connection. I can also really relate to you. My mother died 35 years ago in December, and I had a 4 year old little girl. You will feel many emotions as the days, months and years go by, you will always miss her and at times need her, but God is able to fill those voids with His Strength, His Unfailing Love and tender mercies. Please know I am praying for you, your brothers, your Dad, your husband, Emma and that precious new baby boy, Sally, Debbie and the 5 who are left in the 6 pack. Because of what you have just experienced, you will never be the same and the Lord will be able to use you in the lives of many. If I can help in any way, please feel free to ask, I want to be a servant for the Lord. Thanks for sharing at the Memorial Service and on this blog, Love to you, JoAnn Edwards

  11. My name is Cheryl Zelenka. I attended Calvary Chapel Tucson right after I was born again. i was on the worship team and knew tina Carson, Randy Richie, and Doug Martin. I moved to Oregon for 12 years. Last year, I had brain surgery on a non-cancerous brain tumor. I nearly died as it was undiagnosed for about ten years. You mother's death has made me think. Why did God throw me back and take your mom home?

    I am so sorry for your loss. Please tell Robert he is in my prayers.

    I started a Christian encouragement blog a little over two months ago and this is how I am serving the Lord. By Xmas I will have about 5,000 hits and over 150 people who follow it. This is not my doing. God has led me down this path. It is only my obedience to start this blog that I find the blessing. I hope you visit it some day. You can read my story by going to the top of the page. Hit MY STORY. Then go to CATEGORY AND HIT MY BRAIN TUMOR STORY.

    I you check the archives and find my posts encouraging I hope they comfort you. Share my site if you think others will find it a blessing too.

    I am sure your mother would be very proud of this post and your courage. i almost lost my mom to lung cancer when I was 25 (I am 51 now) . She had a very poor chance of survival but God spared her. Who knows why you lost your mom and I kept mine. I do know that the even though the reasons are unclear to us, they work for our benefit. Blessing to you. Again, sorry. I am oh so sorry.
    Cheryl Zelenka
    http://weepingintodancing.wordpress.com/ Look for the post SAYING GOOD-BYE IS HARD

  12. I have prayed for Lisa since Pastor Mark Martin at Calvary Community Church told us about her battle and asked for prayers. I'm so sad for her family, but so happy that she is with Jesus right now! I will continue to pray for her family and I have so enjoyed reading her blogs. I thank her for sharing with all of us.

  13. Thank you for continuing your mom's blog!! Your mom was a remarkable woman who inspired me in so many ways to continue my path with The Lord!! My prayers continue to go out to Pastor Robert and you and your family!!

  14. Jess, I too have been encouraged and inspired by Lisa's blogs, although I had never met her in person. Your mention of visiting a nursing home sparks memories of when I worked in nursing homes as a nursing assistant. There are many lonely people living there who never have visitors and would love to know that someone cares. Any thoughts on arranging some group visits with others who are interested?

  15. I loved reading your mom's blogs.I was always encouraged by her.She was an amazing beautiful person.

  16. Hi,

    I have a quick question about your blog, would you mind emailing me when you get a chance?




  17. Hi i was sorry to hear about your mothers passing .she was a great person i remember beening with her in a womans bible study at the west campus she was there for me when i was going through a hard time a loving woman of god thats your mother my prayers are with you and your family love Lisa ainsworth

  18. Jess and your loving family, I am so sorry for your (our) loss of your mom. She was an amazing woman and has impacted many people in this sinful world. Lisa was a beautiful Christian and I can only hope that GOD is changing me to be a more loving and giving person. I want to serve GOD and glorify him by helping the sick, needy and helpless. I have been sitting back and letting the life pass by... I really have a desire to love, help, give, and minister to the lost and lonely people in this sinful world. I became a born again Christian when my son was born with a single heart defect and needed multiple open heart surgeries, GOD carried me through those rough and scary times and HE has shown me many miracles since I became a believer. I can only believe GOD called your mom to be in heaven because HE needs her and can use her in heaven. She is now in eternal peace and pain free, and I know HE is using your mom to connect with those who are letting life pass by.... I have been in the back seat for a while (watching and not doing) and it is time for me to quit being an observer and begin to be the Christian that HE desires me to be.
    I would love to visit every nursing home and let them know how much GOD truly loves them. HE gave his only beloved son to us so HE could save us all from our sins. It is time that I start to follow his lead and help others. Please contact me when you are visiting a home, hospital or Rehab center as I would like to join you. In the meantime, I would love for GOD to give me the strength and courage to start ministering to the lost, lonely, helpless, and the poor. I have had a difficult time putting both feet out of the boat and trusting that HE will give me the power to overcome my fears of failing. I want to win the Gold in his race and make our Father proud. I am praying for you and your family, Our Father is amazing and we can change the world with his everlasting love and compassion. Thank you for all that your Dad, Mom and family have done to change me into a true believer. God Bless, Laura Bass Please feel free to contact me via email (dlbass93@aol.com)