Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Winter Wonder-land

Winter has never been my favorite season. Growing up in Albuquerque (yes, it gets cold there) and dealing with snow and frosted car windows, sliding through ice on the roadways, and all the time and hassle of having to bundle yourself and the kids up just so you can go outside...ugh!
Let’s just say for this, among many reasons, I am so thankful to live in Tucson!! 
Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy..:)
Adverse weather has a way of slowing things down. People are forced indoors more of the time as the circle of manageable activities tightens. As it does, household members are usually together more, which can be an opportunity to focus in on those relationships.
Adverse situations can change our pace too. In fact, I don’t see how they can’t. Our routines are shaken up when events out of our control take over. 
We can react to these situations by gritting our teeth and just making it through the storm until till things clear. Or, in the eye of the hurricane, we can take comfort and strength from God’s direction in Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God”.
As the winter months bring a sense of stillness to nature, so can “winter” season in our lives.
Often, when this happens, we freak out! We simply are not used to a lack of busyness and activity. 
These times can be invaluable for stripping things down to evaluate what we really need to give our time and attention to.
As my daily routine has been “minimized” during this time, I have discovered that God doesn’t really want anything from me most the time. He just wants to be with me. To show me His love and His faithfulness. 
And then to let that flow through me to those around me.
This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. John 15:12
It truly is all about the Giver and not the gifts. Being present more than presents.
Today may you be stopped in your tracks by His avalanche of love for you. 
Hey, you are His favorite!

* I have PET/CT scan this Friday and a follow up appt. Monday the 19th with the doctor. I appreciate your prayers!


  1. Hi Lisa. Continuing to pray for healing in all aspects of your life and that of your family.

  2. Lisa, I have heard about you from people at my church... I have just completed reading most all your blogs. You are an amazing woman, christian and are loved by so many.
    I will keep you and your family in my prayers as your life continues on. Thankyou for sharing your life. You show me that as a Christian we are continually on display. I can only hope I would shine as you shine throughout all the trials you have been through.
    God Bless you! I do pray your PET scan will show good results from the medications you have taken.
    Thank you again for opening your life.
    God Bless you and your family!!!

  3. Sweet Lisa, praying continually. You're so beautiful in every way! Always on my heart, always in my prayers. Love you, Amy

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  5. Lisa,
    Today, you were my hero! I so needed to hear this I know well, but I needed to be affirmed in it today...I am so freezing in this winter storm...but you warmed my heart today. Praying for your complete healing. Love, Cathy, owner of more black shirts than you,and pants, and skirts, and dresses...all black of course! It's the winter color, you know.

  6. I always look forward to reading your encouraging. We are praying for you and your family.


  7. Hi Lisa, I have been following your blogs to..a year ago I took this journey too, my husband had surgery and we are coming up on the last round of chemo...many aspects you write of remind me, it has been a hard year but one traveled with God I have learned much and I pray that you and your husband and children know the comfort that only God can give and nothing in this world will do.

  8. It is a mystery how the Lord works, but He put it on my heart in a dream last night to pray for you, so I am! So true, that He wants to be with us more than anything from us, or as I recently heard "why are we so afraid of letting God down by not doing enough for Him? We were never the ones holding HIM up!" May you and Robert and your family know His comfort and love like never before today and this weekend. Romans 4:18, 20 (referring to Abraham) "who, contrary to hope, in hope believed...he did not waver at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strengthened in faith, giving glory to God".

  9. We've been praying for you all day, trusting all went fine with the scan. Love & Prayers JoAnn & Kent Edwards

  10. Thanking God that you are seeing His love and faithfulness. Praying that the results on Monday.

  11. Your comment about GOD not wanting anything from you but just wanting to be with you really touched me. I'm always going and going and either worshiping HIM, thanking HIM, or praying for someone or something. It never occured to be to just be with HIM. Thank you Lisa.

    Still praying you through, Kathy

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  13. Praying for God's healing hand upon you.